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NiC: Natural Insect Control Interview

written by Plant with Benefits December 7, 2017

Benefical Bugs


We at Plant with Benefits have always been fascinated by the impact of beneficial insects playing a crucial role in home cannabis cultivation. During our visit at the Grow Up Expo, we discovered an interesting Canadian based company that caught our attention.

NIC: Natural Insect Control is an environmentally friendly company providing a solution towards controlling unwanted garden pests through the use of beneficial organisms and insects. Their products consist of ladybugs, praying mantis, lacewings, nematodes, and much more. All of their biological products are native to North America and have been approved by the Agriculture of Canada for Natural Insect Control. Find out more about them in our quick interview in the video below!

Quick facts about their product:

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Large selection of beneficial insects and organisms

  • Promotes organic cultivating

  • Alternative means of pest control

  • Products approved by the Agriculture of Canada

Check out their online store here

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