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Millenniumsoils Coir Interview

written by Plant with Benefits November 16, 2017

Growing with Coco Coir

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Millenniumsoils Coir provides the finest production of coconut coir straight from Sri Lanka. Processed with optimal fresh water and aged with adequate minerals before distribution. Their coconut coir is natural and is an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss. Check out our in-depth interview with a representative from Millenniumsoils Coir during our recent visit at the 2017 Grow Up Expo in Niagra Falls, Canada.

Quick facts about their product:

  • 100% Organic and environmentally friendly

  • Near neutral pH

  • Promotes root growth

  • Sustains high amounts of water retention

  • Maintaining excellent aeration

  • Extracted from premium coconut husks in Sri Lanka

Check out their online store here

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