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Growing Stories with Filomenabuds

written by Plant with Benefits May 7, 2018

Growing Stories with @Filomenabuds🇺🇸

⚡Q&A session with your neighborhood gardener

🌱Why are you passionate about growing your own herbs?
"When I found a seed on a bud for the first time, I couldn’t believe the seed was so tiny. I had to germinate it to see if something would happen, that’s how everything started."

🌱Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome?

"The control of pH of the soil."

🌱What makes growing rewarding?
"The difference between the strains is fascinating, all the process is just so nice to see how every strain has their characteristics."

🌱Favorite strain to cultivate?
"Guava kush. They get a decent height for indoors."

🌱What growing tips do you have for the aspiring seedlings out there?
"Don’t experiment in replacing for cheaper products. Go with cannabis friendly, ask and take advice."

🌿Additional Gardener's Info
▪Experience: 1.5 years
▪Grow Space: 48x24x60 Grow space
▪Lighting: LED and Sun
▪Growing Medium: Soil
▪Nutrients: General Advanced Nutrients

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