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Growing Stories with Deathbycannabis420

written by Plant with Benefits November 27, 2017

Growing Stories with @deathbycannabis420 🇺🇸

⚡️Q&A session with your neighborhood gardener

🌱Why are you passionate about growing your own herbs?
"I wanted to grow my own medicine to lower the costs of buying it as well as providing medicine for the world one day!"

🌱Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome?
"Learning the chemistry behind it as to not give her too many or too little nutrients as well as chunks of my leaves going missing and no culprit to be found."

🌱What makes growing rewarding?
"Watching her grow and prosper from the hard work and loving care!"

🌱Favorite strain to cultivate?
"This is my first grow and they are both Ace of Spades. She has been an angel and barely any difficulties."

🌱What growing tips do you have for the aspiring seedlings out there?
"Make sure your tent is well ventilated so the plants don't get too hot or humid!"

🌿Additional Gardener's Info
▪️Experience: 48 Days
▪️Grow Space: 4ft Closet grow tent
▪️Lighting: LED 350 watts
▪️Growing Medium: Coco Coir
▪️Nutrients: Planet Earth Organic Based Compost tea & Roots Organics Buddha Bloom

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