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Growing Stories with Crazy_haze_74

written by Plant with Benefits October 16, 2017

Growing Stories with @crazy_haze_74 🇬🇧

⚡️Q&A session with your neighborhood gardener

🌱Why are you passionate about growing your own herbs?
"It started with a couple of seeds that I planted in my kitchen window for fun. This opened the door into researching the vast knowledge base of cannabis cultivation and the thousands of strains available to grow, and I was hooked."

🌱Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome?
"For me it was getting a perfect growing environment nailed down in my grow space. I found it particularly difficult to keep temperatures within range, especially during the summer months."

🌱What makes growing rewarding?
"To a certain extent the yield - but more so for me the growing of the plant, watching its progress everyday, training its growth, making sure they're fed adequately and watching as they transition throughout they're life cycle. And there is a strange bond you build with the plants, I'm sure all growers feel this."

🌱Favorite strain to cultivate?
"So far its Green Crack - mainly because it grows like a savage, I've never seen leaves so big."

🌱What growing tips do you have for the aspiring seedlings out there?
"To anyone just starting out - I couldn't highlight enough just how important your environment is, the vegging stage will forgive a lot of sins but once you switch to flower, if your environment isn't on point your plants will suffer. And feeding, never guess that they need more - start low and gradually build up taking note of their condition - pull back if they show any burn - increase if they show signs of deficiency and if in doubt, flush. Keep researching and learning."


🌿Additional Gardener's Info
▪️Experience: Under 1 year
▪️Grow Space: Veg tent 60 60 140 & Flower tent 60 60 140
▪️Lighting: 250W HPS Veg & 2x Mars Hydro 300W Flower
▪️Growing Medium: Canna Terra compost
▪️Nutrients: BioBizz, Advanced Nutrients Overdrive, Maxicrop Organic Seaweed Extract, Whitmire SM-90L, & TNC CalMag

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