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Grotek Interview

written by Plant with Benefits December 1, 2017

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Grotek is one of many aspiring brands competing in the dense jungle of horticultural plant nutrition. Their newly designed look caught our attention during the 2017 GrowUp Expo in Niagra Falls, Canada. We were impressed by their global distribution outreach in over 17 countries and their keen outlook in becoming a big player in the market.

The "Black Pearl" is one of their newly introduced organic fertilizer expecting to launch in 2018. It's an organic engineered charcoal comprised of volcanic sedimentary rock dust, natural chelates, and kelp extract. This interesting mix claims to improve soil quality, promotes biological activity, biodiversity, and overall mineral enhancements for optimal plant growth. We spoke to Paul Gonzalez to learn more about Grotek and how their products could benefit the homegrown cannabis community.

Quick facts about their products:

    • Distribution in over 17 countries

    • Interesting new organic line expected to launch in 2018

    • Large nutrient selection for specific needs

    • New sleek label design

Check out more of their products here

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