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Challenge accepted! Top 7 hardest cannabis strains to grow

written by Plant with Benefits May 5, 2018

So you’ve conquered most of the common cannabis strains out there and your thumb is greener than ever. However, you continue to seek for a greater adventure that will really put your gardening skills up to the test. Well look no further because your next challenge awaits ahead. Here are the top seven strains that you shouldn’t underestimated. Get your mighty shovel and nutrients ready because easy mode is over!


This sativa dominant hybrid is very particular with her growing conditions. Highly sensitive to the amount of light, water, temperature and nutrients you’ll give her. Unable to perfectly balance these elements will diminish her overall growth. Signs of distress will be revealed through her leaves almost immediately.

Successfully pleasing her needs will reward you with thick flowering colas. However, her thin stemmed branches will become an issue supporting the heavy buds she produces. The guidance of vertical supports and proper roping will help her through this important phase in her life. It’s recommended to grow her indoors for maximum control and to keep a close inspection.



Trainwreck is another sativa dominant hybrid known for its excessive need to spread her fan leaves towards the light. Her long branching could overwhelm the novice gardener unable to maintain her massive canopy. Neglecting to train her will result in light burn as she reaches closer to your grow lights. Her stems will thicken which will make it nearly impossible to perform any low stress training (LST) on her branches.

This tall girl is recommended to be grown indoors for optimal results. She’ll reward you with a big harvest if you treat her right. Late October to early November are the optimal times to harvest her goods.


Malawi Gold

If you’re seeking to cultivate one of the rarest cannabis strain, Malawi Gold would be it. Growing this landrace sativa outside of her native home of Malawi, Africa will be a daunting task. She is best suited in tropical conditions and will dramatically suffer grown in any northern climates. A tempered greenhouses with high-quality organic medium would be ideal for this tropical princess.

Aside from her rarity, she has the longest flowering times in the world. Hopefully you’re a patient person because you can expect to wait 84 to 120 days of flowering before indulging in her tasty buds. However, it's rumored that she is able to produce colas that are long as two feet! This girl is well worth the wait.


Dr. Grinspoon

This landrace sativa is known for her delicate stems, wispy and brittle characteristics. However this doesn’t stop her from growing very tall and requires you to mange her height in small spaces. Pruning and training are very important practices in keeping this dainty girl happy. It’s gets more complicated when she embarks into her flowering journey.

Her delicate stems are prone to weaken and can snap off prematurely due to the weight of her developing colas. The use of supports will be able to suspend her stems through this crucial stage in life. The next challenge is to get her buds to full maturity since she is also known to develop outlandish bud structures. Expect this journey to last around 90 to 100 days. Be gentle and she’ll reward you with her luscious gifts.




This particular non-landrace strain is notorious for her stubbornness in producing decent sized buds. If you’re not perfectly hitting all the right growing conditions, you’ll just be wasting your time. The small buds that are successfully produced can vary in THC consistency. On top of that, she’s very sensitive to wet climates, humidity and frost. She’s the type of girl that just enjoys it warm and sunny all the time

Experiment with various training methods such as Scrog, LST, or Lollipopping when in comes to improving her canopy coverage. Keep a keen eye on her growing environment and do your best to keep her warm. If these conditions are successfully met, you’ll be able to harvest her after 70 days.


Colombian Gold

This Colombian princess is said to be extremely difficult to grow outside of her native home of Santa Marta in the mountains of Colombia. She is classified as a landrace sativa that thrives only in tropical outdoor climates. As she begins to mature, her abrupt growing patterns will overrun your space quickly if left unattended. She will get tall and bulky which will make it nearly impossible to contain her indoors unless your pruning game is on point. A large greenhouse would be your best option. If you’re able to keep her from being homesick, you can expect to have a successful harvest after 75 to 85 days of flowering.


Chocolate Thai

This southeast asian girl will definitely put you up to the test. She’s ranked to be one of the most challenging landrace sativa strain by many enthusiast and has been mentioned in countless web sources.

Her extremely tall stature will demand a skilled gardener to properly train and prune her on a regular basis. This sassy girl demands the weather to be hot and humid in relation to her native homeland. For optimal growth, she’ll do particularly well in outdoor environments treated with organic growing techniques.

If you’re able to impress her during the vegetative stage, you’ll then have to endure her long flowering period which could last up to 65 to 98 days. It’s a challenge well worth taking because your victory over her demands will result in massives yields.


You now harness the knowledge to battle against these legendary strains. Perhaps you have your own tips and techniques in handling these formidable plants. Share your epic adventures in the comments below!


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